Today: November 19 2018
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How do most people go to church?

How do most people go to church?

Tags: Religion, Christianity

How do most people go to church? They say: like Catholics well - come, sit down and doze on the bench. But the most important thing for Catholics is not a shop, but a table before the bench, and a shelf inside the table, and there is a little book with psalms in the shelf, and in some cases, which rarely happens, the Gospel. You see how convenient. But what is the charm of this table, what is it remarkable about? You can put the pen, the head on the handles, and doze under the organ music. The sermon is far away murmurs. And you can not even go to church, and go to church for a nap. We, if you doze off, immediately get excited.

But there's still no use for it. But we need a sense. It's like a completely deaf person to go to music concerts of some kind. If the music, of course, is modern, there even vibrations from the electric musical instruments will be felt by the deaf through the skin, and if a simple symphony orchestra, it does not feel at all. There is no point. Unfortunately, we do not sufficiently search for the meaning of our stay here. Why is this happening? Why do we not need this sense? And because we have not yet come to repentance. I really do not know, 1600 or 1800 times I said that repentance is a change in the direction of my life to the exact opposite. And if a person has changed this direction, he starts rowing in the opposite direction. Most people go with the flow. Where the current - there I am. And where is the current? Maybe not everyone knows, but the current is always down. Water does not flow up, it flows down. Swimming down the river leads a person to the bottom. So when this voyage ends and we are in a different world, and everyone will think that now the Lord will meet us, He will say, "I never knew you, get away from Me" (Matthew 7, 23). "No, well, how - wonder - we went to church!", He will say: "Well, the sparrows flew, sometimes the cat will come in, and the mice would come across." Sometimes, a policeman will go for some of his police affairs, so this is an ordinary thing. That, whether it is long from a cold to come into heat or from a heat - in a cool. Or maybe something to buy, maybe even a candle. This is interesting not only for children: put it on, it burns, it burns, it's very beautiful in general. They say, in general, some even in the apartments make a fireplace. Why a fireplace in an apartment where there is central heating? Well, "why"? Because to look at the fire is very cute, soothing, like an aquarium for fish. Here you sit, you look.

I even noticed in the last 30 years - now either we have stopped, or stopped noticing already in old age - some arise around the candlesticks of the scandalous type: someone set, someone did not burn something, "you there was no standing, "" you are not blessed. " That is, all the time, some such as the young people say, moving. That is, it seems, this is some very important place. Many of those who come to church, and think that this is probably the most important: came, bought, put, lit, stood up. Well, to stand firm until everything burns out - of course, there is no patience, but at least some small time to marvel at this spectacle. And it turns out that the Lord on the Cross was crucified, shed blood, before that he endured mockeries, torments, beatings only so that people would warm themselves at such a wonderful source of light and heat that was enveloped in antiquity. No, of course, this is not so. It's just that the Lord wants for us only one thing - salvation from the life that we hold. If we continue this analogy with the river, He wants us to turn back and swim against the current, against laws, against common sense, against relatives, against public opinion, against the direction of the civilization in which we found ourselves, born on this earth in this time interval. All against. And this is Christianity, which provokes irritation among people who, on the contrary, even set a sail, in addition to the current, also the wind, the spirit of the time even more strongly enthralled them into the underworld.

Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov
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