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How to deal with antiglobalists?

In Hamburg, the clashes of fans of the theory of the universal conspiracy and the opponents of the "golden billion" with the police do not abate. Order 80-ti policemen were injured, and thousands of protesters continue to pogrom. What do they want and how to stop the destruction of the city?

Almost any congress of world leaders is always attacked by anti-globalists. But instead of actually offering some constructive alternatives to the development of international relations, people start to beat show-windows, burn cars, and even disguise themselves as zombies and frighten children in the streets with their appearance.

They have their own "World Social Forum", in which the models of the global reorganization of the world, the refusal of militarization, the preservation of nature are really considered and discussed ... However, the initiatives do not work not so much because of the resistance of world capital, but because of marginals, Citizens of different countries who by their behavior discredit the movement itself.

In 2006-th year in the northern capital hosted a summit then another G8. Naturally, the antiglobalists expressed a desire to attend the city, march to the Aurora and arrange a counter-sabotage. «There is nothing easier, only without processions"- said the then Governor of St. Petersburg V. Matvienko and singled out for the event the stadium. Kirov on the Krestovsky Island. At the future Zenit Arena, more than 1000 people gathered, pitched tents (it was summer), field kitchens and biotoilets arrived and then the people assembled there stupidly closed, exposing then a police cordon.

Provocators, a total of about 200 people who managed to pass as many as 500 meters along Nevsky Prospekt, were detained. The summit passed without incident. At the end of the "counter-summit" a football match took place between the anti-globalization team and city administration officials. The bureaucracy won with an 6 score: 2. And no pogroms, no armored cars with bulldozer dumps, no water jets ... Learn, Germany!

In 2013, the G20 summit was held in St. Petersburg. This time, the antiglobalists, learned by bitter experience, refused the demonstrations in advance, leased the IDC on Vasilievsky Island, where, together with the experts of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, they discussed issues of concern to them.

And no clashes with the police ... This is with the bloody regime of the dictator Putin and the lack of democracy and freedom of speech!

Apparently, the Russian democratic model is much more effective and less expensive than the Western one. Do you want to express an actual opinion? But do not question, you only agree with the authorities and do not be rude. And then the ball is driven, so to speak, to consolidate mutual understanding.

A source: The Blogger

Author: Valery Usachyov

Tags: Riots, Germany, G20

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