Today: February 16 2019
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How to get rid of endless queues in hospitals in Cyprus?

How to get rid of endless queues in hospitals in Cyprus?

Tags: Cyprus, Health, Medicine, Laws

A big problem on the island is the long wait for some medical services in public hospitals. The government of Cyprus is ready to develop a new bill that will help reduce waiting times and, accordingly, the queues for procedures in hospitals.

Many residents of Cyprus are forced to wait long for their turn to receive state medical services. This is ultrasound, MRI, histological analysis, colonoscopy and gastroscopy, as well as scheduled non-urgent operations. Queues for these procedures are about 10 thousand people, so many patients are forced to apply to private clinics.

The main reasons for the huge queues and big delays the Ministry of Health said:

  • shortage and malfunction of equipment in hospitals;
  • shortage of medical personnel;
  • redirection to other clinics for various reasons;
  • increased workload of specialists.

Now the government of Cyprus together with the ministry is developing a new bill that will eliminate these causes, reports Philelewtheros. In particular, it is planned to introduce new posts in the staff of doctors (nurses, etc.), which will release the narrow specialists. Funds will also be allocated for the timely repair of medical equipment.

For the control, the standards of waiting for specific procedures will be introduced, as in many countries with a high level of medical care. For example, in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Canada, Spain, etc. the waiting time for non-urgent operations does not exceed 84 days. The replacement of the hip joint is carried out for a maximum of 100 days, and removal of cataracts - for 18 days. Cyprus will strive for these standards in a new bill.

Irina Zhmaeva
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