Today: 24 September 2018
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How to have fun on this weekend?

How to have fun on this weekend?

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Gleb Nekrasov from Cyprus Butterfly has made an excellent selection of events, participation in which will help fun and interesting to hold the coming weekend.

This weekend in Cyprus is quite meager at events. Of the interesting can be noted mono performance by Maxim Averin (who will forever remain "Glukhar", whatever one may say). In the play Maxim begins with love in the Pattihio theater, he will sing (or just launch on your tape recorder?) Your favorite songs, show a video sequence of movies (probably with your participation), and also tell poems and prose "great authors - those that touch the soul of the actor, those whose lines he has been communicating with his audience for several years, finding in the hearts of his audience the hottest response. " Like this! Curiously, nothing more.

For children in Limassol, in the cultural center of Trakasol, the festival "Games with the universe" will be held on weekends. That's what the organizers write: "Do you want to know why the sky is of different colors, what is a rainbow and what are the stars talking about ... What are planets, galaxies, clouds, dust, light and even time? Three days of knowledge and entertainment !!! ". Free admission.

In Cyprus, there will be several races at once. Well, the summer is over, you can and run. In Nicosia, in Athalassa National Forest Park, 21 October will host the Dorians Challenge - a series of 5, 6 and 12 km of races. Participants are waiting for a streak of obstacles. The cost of participation is 30-45 euro.

And 22-th in the department store "Alfamega" in Engomi in Nicosia, you can run for free. There will be a half marathon. It is part of the corporate social program "Child, Nutrition and Health". Half marathon will start in 8: 30, and 5-kilometer races - in 11: 00.

And in the municipal park of Nicosia two days in a row there will be an exhibition of Cypriot and international artists Let's Play Art. Everything starts at 16.00 on Saturday and ends on Sunday evening.

Have a nice weekend!

Gleb Nekrasov
Cyprus Butterfly
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