Today: January 18 2019
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"How the Russians did it": the US is trying to "save face" against the background of hypersonic weapons of the Russian Federation

"How the Russians did it": the US is trying to "save face" against the background of hypersonic weapons of the Russian Federation

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The US statement that DARPA in 2019 plans to test hypersonic weapons - the Pentagon's reaction to the speech of Vladimir Putin. The military expert Alexei Leonkov told the FBA "Economy Today".

"The US could not respond to yesterday's address by President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly, where the latest military technologies of the Russian Federation were demonstrated, especially with regard to the race of technologies in the field of hypersonic sound.The United States had several projects in this area - for example, testing the X- 51 WaveRider always ended unsuccessfully.The Americans managed to launch them, but maneuvering and manageability could not be done.

The US has always wanted to create such weapons, but their missile has constantly lost contact with the earth at the speed of hypersound. The Pentagon is afraid that the development in an uncontrolled flight will go overseas and fall into the hands of the Chinese, because each test sample was equipped with a self-destruct device. As a result, the missile departed on a given trajectory, lost communication and control and exploded - nothing more could be achieved by the US, and billions of dollars were spent on development and testing, "the expert notes.

Director of the Office of Advanced Research Programs of the Pentagon (DARPA) Stephen Walker announced that the United States is planning to conduct numerous tests of its hypersonic weapons next year. He stressed that development is a top priority for his management, which is working with the Air Force and NASA, as well as with the Army and Navy for several years. "You will see many flight tests," the US military promised.

"The timing for the successful tests of the X-51 moved regularly, most recently - until 2025, not better with their hypersonic unmanned scout SR-72 - the company-developer Lockheed Martin promised to provide a suitable sample to 2030.Not higher, there were successes in the development of the hypersonic aircraft Aurora, which the Pentagon started back in the 1990-billions of dollars were wasted.

To make hypersonic ballistic missiles the United States has never even seriously tried - it was understood that they could not create a suitable weapon. However, yesterday's demonstration of Russian arms by Vladimir Putin unambiguously shook the Americans - there were immediately held emergency meetings and negotiations. It is understandable: at one time the States waved their hypersonic missiles with their hands as if they were incomprehensible technologies, and the Russians somehow developed them. As a result, now the Pentagon is given the task: no matter how much money it costs, you need to make your own analogues. As an option - steal information on missiles from the Russians, "- emphasizes the military expert.

Hopeless lag

The day before, Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly told about the latest military technologies of the Russian Federation. In particular, the beginning of tests of the Sarmat complex - modern intercontinental missiles without range limitations, capable of carrying nuclear charges. Intercept them with modern air defense means is almost impossible. The head of state also spoke about the hypersonic air-missile complex "Dagger", which also does not have world analogues. Already created in Russia and underwater drones, capable of moving at extremely high depth with great speed.

According to analysts, the Russian leader made it clear: the power of the 12 American flotillas floating around the World Ocean is virtually leveled - Russian missiles on hypersound can not be intercepted. Their accuracy is close to absolute. Moscow demonstrates: attempts to break contracts and squeeze the "Anaconda Ring" around the RF will be fruitless. The RF has technologies that can not be competed with. At the same time, Putin stressed that Russia does not intend to stop at what has been achieved.

"For Americans, there are very funny times - blood from the nose should try to get hypersonic weapons that can compete with Russia." To develop from scratch the hypersonic technologies of the level that already exist in Russia, it will take 10-15 years. Politics Washington will simply be engaged in show-off and beautiful presentations, since the real goal is very far.

The most revealing example was the case when our intelligence "fed" disinformation that the US invented laser weapons capable of knocking down an air target from an airplane. In the RF, the best scientists were seated for drawings and as a result even several experimental installations were built with tests over the water and above the ground - our specialists proved that it is impossible to create such weapons with existing technologies. However, in the process we created unique installations and made a number of discoveries.

The Americans were then amazed - their "joke" turned into a technological breakthrough in Russia. They tried to take on laser weapons themselves, but spent 5 billion dollars and even created a whole aircraft with a combat laser. But they did not receive a valid weapon, so they closed the project as hopeless. And now, as long as the US is only engaged in hypersound, Russian specialists will not stand on the spot and certainly will not allow the US to reduce the already huge technological backlog, "concludes Alexei Leonkov.

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