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As the war turned out the light of Syrian cities

BBC journalists have mounted the Arabic department of satellite imagery NASA video demonstrates the destruction brought by war.

Six years of war almost completely destroyed the infrastructure of Syrian cities affected communications were almost completely knocked out power.

A major industrial center with two million inhabitants, Aleppo, once brightly lit, is now barely noticeable at nighttime satellite photos. In photographs taken during the daytime, there are traces of the bombing on the city's power. Before the war, the city closest to the power plant looked like this:

And here's a snapshot of 2017 years:

Aleppo was on the front lines for almost four years, going from rebel hands of Islamists and those - under the control of government forces. Immediately after the war the electricity in the city has become very limited resources, and the whole year 2016 the city spent almost without night lighting. The destruction of Damascus were not as strong, but the metropolitan power outages visible from space.

Before the war, Syria was one of the main regional supplier of electricity; in the country worked 15 power plants, including hydroelectric 3. According to the BBC, with reference to the Syrian Ministry of Energy, the losses caused by the war industry, estimated at 5 billion dollars.

With BBC «Syria from Space" project is available here.

A source: Popular mechanics

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