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How the West reacted to the celebration of Victory Day

During the Second World War against the Soviet Union fought almost the whole of Europe. Of concentrated 22 1941 June year on the German-Soviet border troops 20% of the German troops were the European allies of the Reich. But today Russia - the main threat for the Western establishment. It has once again spoken directly. And also the Western media created a monster out of our country, threatening civilization. Yes, not all believe, but zapoloshny cry about the Russian threat, as in the past often drowns out the voice of reason.

"The Soviet Union is in absolute contradiction to their solemn declarations made against Germany" - this, picking up version of Ribbentrop in June 41-wrote many of the Western media. Moscow accused of playing a double game, intrigues, provocations and argued that it was the Kremlin unleashed the war. Same Time The US, do not hesitate, wrote that the victory of the Soviet Union, Americans do not believe.

"How much they can hold out almost no one, except the Russian, does not believe that they are able to defeat the Germans?" - wrote the weekly June 30 1941 years.

On the opening of a second front at first, even it was not. Instead, the Western media simply watched, waited and actively speculate on this topic.

"If the main impact will be applied in the center, it can be aimed at the capture of Moscow, and then exit at the flank of the southern edge of Russian. A major offensive in the south may include a direct blow to the Caucasus direction, or turn to the north to connect to the central front rear" - I wrote Time The June 29 1942 years.

And this tone is maintained at all times, while the Germans were moving forward and gain the victory. What is not surprising, because even before the war, many in Europe, even Pope Pius the XI, called to destroy the Soviet Union.

"The repeated assertions by the Soviet Union that the republic is to the ring of enemies is not a figure of speech, it was so." Churchill also said about himself in the 20 years: "As for me, I will always be the enemy of communism, in any case , in any scenario. "Therefore, they were actively cultivating these sentiments, especially since they had a formal reason: there was a Soviet-Finnish winter war, the League of Nations criticized us, so for the West, of course, Nazism was closer than the Asian despotism totalitarian, like they called the Soviet Union, "- explains the member of the Central th Council of the Russian military-historical society Armen Gasparyan.

It is Russia, the size - the largest country in the world. Stocks of raw materials are not limited. Population 193 million. Here are three reasons because of which the conquerors in the past attempted to Russia. That is the reason that made the conqueror of our time to write the following: "When we talk about the land we are talking about the fate of Russia itself points us in this direction.".

Certainly, realizing that the USSR would destroy this conqueror, the Allies immediately tried to share with us the victory over the now common enemy. And also, of course, the fact that our victory was never forgiven. History began to be rewritten faster than the Germans rebuilt the Reichstag. Soon after the victory it was announced that the iron curtain of the Soviets had fallen over Europe, and after a while the USSR was openly called an evil empire. Now there is no Soviet Union, the whole world has changed, but the information policy has changed little, if at all, has changed. In Europe, more than one generation has grown up on textbooks, where Russians are explicitly called an aggressor comparable to the Nazis.

"This course is a completely anti-historical nonsense. Well, the example of Poland. There were dozens of concentration camps. Within a short period of 4 years of occupation, the Nazis killed some six million Poles. The question is, how many were killed Poles during the Soviet occupation and how many concentration camps built by us ? it is clear that there was no genocide, we have not performed, built businesses, shipyards, develop the economy ", - said political analyst Oleg Matveychev.

And this despite the fact that in 1938, the Poles themselves joyfully welcomed the occupation of parts of Czechoslovakia, joyfully wrote in the newspaper: Our Zaluzha. But the real history of leadership in Europe are interested in a little. The main thing - to belittle the Russian. Now the people stubbornly say that the main contribution to the victory over fascism have the Americans, the British and even surrendered a few weeks Hitler France. There is a total rewrite of history. For example, this year, as the liberators of Czechoslovakia celebrated the US military. About the Soviet army word here now other winners.

"The United States, Britain, France - as no surprise Well, with some assistance from other proper country And we are there if you open the Western textbooks, you are surprised to find that the main theater of war -... This is Africa Africa and then Normandy. .! Everything There Stalingrad dedicated to a single page of text and one page - this is the battle for Moscow no more battles was not "-. says Gasparyan.

9 May in many European and American media presented as a National Day of strange people. A share of "Immortal Regiment" - as Kremlin propaganda weapon.

"Vladimir Putin abuses Victory Day For the Kremlin, this holiday is no longer associated with memory, it is not important veterans and the sacrifices that they have gone for the sake of peace." - writes Bild.

"This march - aggressive provocation, has nothing to do with a desire to honor the veterans remembrance Europe freed from Nazism only after the Soviet Union collapsed, and even then not completely Unfortunately, the current Putin administration this only confirms..", - says the Finnish edition Verkkouutiset.

This reaction is caused by the scale of the action, unexpected for the West, dozens of cities around the world. In some of them, Victory Day is no longer a holiday at all. And yet. In the same Tallinn, the long-suffering Bronze Soldier was hid in the backyard of the Estonian capital, but hundreds of people came here to pay tribute to the fallen - those who could not come to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russian airports recorded an influx of tourists for 9 May. We flew both from the Middle and from the Far Abroad. In the center of Moscow, among the sea of ​​Russian and Soviet flags were the flags of Ukraine, Poland, France, the United States and many other countries. And they were borne not only by the descendants of Russians who moved to other countries, but also the most ordinary Americans, French, British. It turns out that dozens of years of total propaganda around the world, including in the 90 and in our country, did not have any effect.

"The rise of the national spirit is always accompanied by the rise of Russian statehood Here this moment Europe miss the old generation of these sovietologists gone A new -... Sincerely think that nurtured some of the opposition crazy, which will then run and collect the rallies" we power here " 5 in the number of people, they will be able to understand the Russian mentality and direct it in the right direction do not work -. to yield the "Immortal regiment", - says Gasparyan.

"It turned out that millions of people in Russia remember their ancestors and remember the history of the war and are ready to demonstrate and go on the Victory Day with portraits of their ancestors. It is, in fact, means the failure of all their work, which the West led over the past 25 years. They it is difficult to accept, and so they throw dirt clods in the "Immortal regiment" - says political scientist Oleg Matveychev.

But for the average Westerner clods of dirt he sees a different picture.


And it is also a victory. The victory in the war that is being waged against us for decades.

A source: TVC

Author: Nikolai Sukharev, Tatiana Kaminska, Valery Maksimov

Tags: USSR Victory Day, May 9, World War II, Western Europe, Media, Society

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