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15.03.2017 - 19: 16

Which country - the most militarized in the world?

Hint: it's not the US, not Russian, and not Israel, forgive Kim Jong Il, North Korea did not. The answer will surprise you very much, but it's a surprise - misleading.

Imagine a country with the world's largest percentage of the population that is in the army. A state in which all the men from the 20 50 to - soldiers, literally sleeping with a gun under his bed. The state, which after 50 just gives you a barrel, and is glad to see you to the grave at the training camp and firing ranges. State, begged you to buy at least a gun (and better-gun) at a discount. The state is able to deploy from the 22 650-thousand-thousandth in two to four hours (!), And 1.7-million in two days (!) Army, well trained, organized, and very well armed. (For example - the US Army - 1.3 million plus a reserve army of China - 2.4 million, plus 1 million. reserve).

And plus keep in mind that almost all of this terrible, armed to the teeth with the country, from Geneva to Davos from Zurich to Lugano - tall mountains pitted with tunnels, Fallout shelters, storage of weapons, "bins Motherland", and rocket and artillery support gun emplacements, embedded in granite.

Swiss Army - not the only country in the world, having a frame-structure of the militia. By the same principle (in some approximation) is constructed, for example, the Bundeswehr, which is essentially a kind of analogue of the huge Soviet "cadre" divisions. Those. system - "a little soldier + many career officers and non-commissioned officer in the civilian reservists + + = deployment training fees only when it is necessary." The difference between the Swiss in bringing to the absolute idea of ​​"the people and the army are one."

Professional soldiers in the country a total of about 9000, mainly in aviation. In the service and re-training - about 10-15 thousand at a time. The soldier called into 90 days in the so-called Rekrutenschule - Ecole de recrue. After graduating from the State gives the soldier a personal weapon with two full shopping (rifle and / or pistol), "Minister of canned food," three sets of forms for all seasons, gear, body armor and helmet, with whom he falls off home. It keeps him as he wants to - one check will not. Prior to 32 years old soldier is in "austsug" position before 42-x "Landwehr", and up to 50- «Landsturm". Private austsug-10 and for years held in its part of the eight charges for three weeks, Landwehr - three times in two weeks, Landsturm - 1 times in two weeks. Once executed 51 year you officially discharged from the army, take a rifle, a pistol and "canned" and give the equipped pump shotgun and mobilization injunction - to the case of the Big zvizdets and total mobilization.

The peculiarity of the Swiss army - reinforced training of officers - reservists. Those wishing to become officers are extra fees - each rank - about 100 days in total. This, by the way, enjoy, to the dismay of employers (especially the Banking Association) all bosses - from the CEO to the small head of the department. They say that they are simply the law of conservation s / n dump his wife and work on picnics - stag shooting, but it's not quite true - there is a service out there. The reason so soon that correctly hitting the fees you can lie behind a machine gun, and at the same time communicate with the right people, higher current or potential colleagues useful policy-deputies, and just with his neighbor, for one can not depart from the service, just one - any student (yeah right out of the audience, easily), neither the President, if they are men.

Do you know what country's military budget in 7.5 million people? - Almost five billion dollars - almost 20 percent. What about weapons? A lot of things - more than 800 tanks and armored vehicles (Leopard 420-2, 150 M-109) (!). In a country long just 300 14 km squadrons with more than 350-th battle, 120 100 training aircraft and helicopters! The park is constantly being updated, such as, for example, in the US Army when the pilot is often younger than the plane is not allowed.

And, Olic from Germany, planes and helicopters are combat ready.

So that Swiss banks protected.

A source: Visible in the root

Author: Andrei Terentyev

Tags: Switzerland, Army