Today: December 13 2018
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What kind of people do I like

What kind of people do I like

Tags: Religion, Christianity

I like people who are not afraid to grow old. Without braces, without liposuction, but with a thought in the eyes, with grandchildren, with a concrete deed in hands. If a person meets old age without hysterics, then there is something behind the person's soul.

Still like people around of which it is pure. Cleanly in the house, purely on the territory adjacent to the house, purely in the workplace. God gave the Lord under the command and responsibility of each person a small piece of land, and it is necessary to restore and maintain order there. If you see a pigsty around, it means that people inside have the same pigsty. Dirt in the brain and stench in the depths of the heart will inevitably manifest through piles of empty bottles around, mountains of wrappers, puddles of spilled drinks and inscriptions on fences.

Like people who can surprise, do not rush all the trump cards on the table in the first five minutes of dating. You think a man is simple and extremely ordinary. Not even interesting. And he suddenly in time reveals more and more facets of character, and it is clear that he has many of these facets. He just does not stick out all at once and does not flaunt uselessly.

Those who do something with their own hands are good, and not only are not afraid of any work, but also love it. Working usually - silent. A thorough person does not like to waste energy in conversations. He knows that nothing so ravages and weakens the soul as barren and pointless chatter. "Either talking to talk or doing business" - so he thinks, and I like him because of this.

I also like those who do not praise themselves in their conversations and do not complain. It means that the person is not narcissistic. And even if he gets carried away and talks about himself more than usual, he is ashamed and tries to translate the conversation into another channel. He who knows how to "beloved" without end his tongue does not tear, he can listen. He knows how to listen, because he knows that there are other people in the world besides him. And other people on occasion gladly pour out their soul, because they feel: he will not laugh and will not tell others what he heard.

I like those who know their norm in alcohol. Under the table does not fall, the pig does not turn and does not give to others, he does not look for adventures "under the degree". Such a person with companies is too picky and will not drink with anyone. I really like these people.

I also like those who read a lot of books not because the degree demands, but because the soul loves the book, regardless of, perhaps, the most simple profession.

If I like these people, then they are. I can not like me or another person that is not in nature. Such people are, it's just as sure as that God is holy! But they are not very many, because what is very much, always loses in value and ceases to amaze. If gold was at the price of a stone, then no one would make jewelry from it and not consider it a monetary equivalent.

People who like me, there are, although they could be more. The world should stand on something, and so it, probably, on them and costs.

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev
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