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What banks are trusted by Cypriots?

What banks are trusted by Cypriots?

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Trust in Cypriot banks on the part of the population is growing. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted among Cypriot households by the StockWatch business portal with 13 on 18 March 2018. It is noted, however, that the survey was conducted before the government launched the search process for investors for the Cyprus Cooperative Bank.

StockWatch practices such polls from 2013 of the year, this became 16-m in the account. Compared to the previous study conducted in December 2017, its performance was improved by all banks except USB Bank, whose rating has not changed.

Respondents were supposed to rank (on a scale of 0 to 10 points) nine banking institutions for their reliability and how much they recommend a particular bank. The average value was 5,39 of 10 points compared to the 5,12 score achieved last time.

The highest score - 6 points - was received by the Bank of Cyprus, which has recently been consistently ranked first. In December last year, the WOC received an assessment at the level of 5,8 points. The level of trust in the Hellenic Bank grew from the 5,45 score at the end of last year to 5,85 points, to the Cooperative Bank from 5,0 score to 5,4.

As for units of Greek banks operating in Cyprus, among them is Eurobank (5,35 points), followed by Alpha Bank (5,25 points) and AstroVank (5,15 points). Estimates from CDB Bank and USB Bank are 5 points and 4,9 points, respectively.

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