Today: January 20 2019
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What is the threat of floods in Cyprus?

What is the threat of floods in Cyprus?

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The flood in Greece shocked the whole world. Many people remained without shelter. There are victims and missing persons. And then the rains came to Cyprus. The Department of Water Management of Cyprus told which districts are most at risk.

According to forecast Forecasters in Cyprus are coming heavy rains with thunderstorms, sometimes a storm. In this regard, the hydrologist of the Department of Water Resources Costas Aristide at the midday SIGMA show "Midday and Something" talked about potential risk areas during the flood.

Nevertheless, these 19 potential risk areas require additional analysis by the experts. According to Sigmalive, it is possible to learn more about the risk zones here.

For general information, we provide information on what to do during a flood:

  • turn off electricity, gas;
  • put documents, valuables and medicines in hermetically sealed packaging;
  • take a stock of food for a few days;
  • be sure to help children and elderly people living in the neighborhood;
  • it is necessary to go to a lofty place;
  • if you are in the water, use all improvised means (barrels, logs, etc.) to hold;
  • do not use food that comes in contact with dirty water;
  • do not drink unboiled water.

The request to the inhabitants of Cyprus is not to panic, because this is only a potential threat, and general information is provided for the sake of precaution.

Elena Savchenko
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