Today: December 14 2018
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Each of us is preparing for ourselves

Each of us is preparing for ourselves

Tags: Religion, Christianity

We know that the robber in a single hour on the cross repented, a revolution took place in him, but we do not need to postpone for later, because we may be paralyzed. And in what, then, will we repent, if our language does not toss? How do we say to God, "Remember us in Your Kingdom"? And anyway, what do we know about this Kingdom? And will it be up to us? Here the robber on the cross was hanging nails, hanging, he was terribly hurt, and at the same time he was thinking not about his own skin, not about his own malice, but thought about the Kingdom of Heaven, in one hour. Too great feat accomplished. Therefore, the Lord said: "Now you will be with Me in Paradise."

We are the last Christians of the last centuries, and we are given an amazing opportunity. We live among such terrible darkness, when it has already thickened to the limit - and, according to the prophet, "anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Therefore, if we call upon the name of the Lord, if we are faithful to God, if we do not serve the devil in our lives and self-love, our own desire, but, on the contrary, serve God, refuse sin, then the Lord will take us to Himself.


But there is a completely different life. The Lord brought her to earth, He lit this fire in the apostles, and we are their descendants. Before us in this temple, how many people prayed, generation after generation, from one to another. And what do we leave after ourselves? Whom did we light our love with? Whom have we brought to faith? Where are our children? Where are our grandchildren? What is coming from us? What did they turn into? Where is Love? Where is this continuity of generations? Here we die - and they, what will happen to them? Have we shown them love? We showed them what life means, what nobility means, what does holiness mean, what does the gospel, beauty, the Kingdom of God mean? Where is everyone? There is nothing in our families. Not only in families, nowhere. Complete impoverishment, horror, darkness, nightmare. And this nightmare must be ejected from the soul, before it is too late. But there is still time.


And if there is no love, then our life is an empty sound. The apostle Paul says: "Like a ringing brass or a clanging cymbal". No use, an empty can, an empty sound. Because as long as a man only rowing for himself, his life is meaningless: rowing, rowing, rowing - where will you approach? There, in the vestibule, the coffin stands, and everything you typed with this coffin will end, and you will be left with nothing. It will only continue this endless desire to row for yourself, and there will be no more rowing, because the hands of the worms will be eaten in the grave. Than rowing? You will be tormented: and you want it, and it's like - but nothing, emptiness. The Lord said: whoever does not have anything, "that will also take away what he thinks he has." Do you think you have children? Do you think that you have a family, have an education, have money, have an apartment? It's all temporary, it's all rented until the day of death, and then you have nothing.

True possession is love, peace, meekness, temperance, patience, chastity, faith, and goodness. Here dies a gentle man - gentleness remains with him, and his humility with him remains, and love. All that he has typed spiritual, everything goes with him to the Kingdom of Heaven. And if you have only passions, then you carry with you flour, terrible flour. Because these aspirations, desires - they will tear you apart. While we live here, we can satisfy some desires, and that is not always the case. Recently I stayed in the hospital and watched: put the man on the bed for two weeks, deprive any consolations, well, even the TV - there, in the corridor, the TV is watching, and he does not look - and he is already suffering. And one of them told me this: how can you live without a TV? The only hope that a month or two will pass, he will be discharged, and ordinary life will begin. But a person does not understand that when he dies, he will already be placed in a similar "hospital" forever, and from there he will not be discharged anywhere, he will be permanently deprived of radio, television, books, his wife-everything. Flour is mortal.

Therefore, our life, if we do not strive for love, for acquiring it, it is meaningless, we are preparing ourselves a terrible fate, terrible, not comparable to any hospital. This will be such grief, as the Lord says: "Weeping and gnashing of teeth." Will only grind his teeth in impotent rage at everything and at all, because it will be a tangle of unrealized desires: and this I want, and this I want, and this - and there is nothing: no mirror, where to look, no girlfriend, to go to scratch her tongue . Nothing, only me, my conscience, my past life, my sins - and here I am in it all boiling. What suffering, what horror, what gloom! And is this what God punished? No, God does not punish anyone, each of us prepares for himself.

Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov
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