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Every fifth young Cypriot is unemployed

Every fifth young Cypriot is unemployed

Tags:Cyprus, Unemployment, Economy, Youth, Statistics

Among Cypriot youth under the age of 25, one in five is unemployed. According to the European Statistical Service Eurostat, in June 2017 years in Cyprus did not work 20,3% of young people, while in the EU - 16,7%.

At the same time, unemployment among young people in Cyprus decreased compared to 2011 year, when it reached 20,6% in the corresponding month. However, that year the unemployment rate in the EU was the same as in Cyprus.

Analysis of data on unemployment among youth from 2008 year shows an interesting trend. So, in 2008 year unemployed young people were only 7,9%, by 2011 they were 20,6%, and to 2013-mu - 40%! In the next two years, the unemployment rate has slightly decreased: to 37,9% in 2014 and 32,8% in 2015. All this time, the European indicator remained at about the same level of 22-23%.

In June last year in Cyprus, without work was 29% of young people. In a year they became 20,3%. However, Europe shows much better results. The value of June this year - 16,7% - is the lowest for the last eight years and is approaching the level of 2008 year (15,9%).

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