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Casino will bring to the treasury of Cyprus 100 million euros annually

The Government of Cyprus expects significant revenues to the treasury of the work of the casino in the country. As stated in an interview with the Cyprus Weekly Cyprus Finance Minister Haris Georgiades, net income from the gambling business is projected at 100 million euros in the year when the casino resort will start working at full capacity.

However, the benefits for the economy is not limited to filling the budget, says Georgiadis. Casino will attract more tourists, which will benefit the company's hotel and restaurant and transport sectors, as well as contributes to the creation of about 2 400 jobs.

At present, the preparation of the contract between the consortium of operators, which includes Melco International, Hard Rock International and Cyprus Phasouri (Zakaki), and the Government; its signing should take place in the near future.

According to the newspaper, Melco and Hard Rock are going to apply in Cyprus of the scheme, already tested in their playing facilities in other countries. In particular, the big players will be offered attractive bonuses - free airfare, lodging, entertainment tours and other services are available at the resort.

The consortium must submit a detailed business plan to the newly created Office of casinos and gambling. According to Georgiadis, no problems in the process of evaluation of the plan will not be: "The project in Cyprus implement some of the largest operators in the world. They know what they do "- stressed the Minister.

A source: Successful business

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