Today: March 22 2019
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Cyprus is ready for a subbotnik

Cyprus is ready for a subbotnik

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This year, the campaign to clean up the environment "Let's do it in Cyprus" has reached its goal! "We have more than 40 000 volunteers", said on Monday the Commissioner for the Protection of the Environment, John Panayiotiou.

This event, whose goal is to remove as much garbage on the island, takes place every year in April. This year, the "subbotnik" is scheduled for 29 April.

This time, wishing to put things in order in Cyprus, exceeded the number of past years. More than 43 000 people are already registered and more is expected.

At a press conference on the official launch of the campaign, Panayotiou said: "Let's do it! After all, Cyprus is a global part of the campaign "Let's Do It World". This is one of the largest volunteer programs aimed at saving the environment from debris. I call for the participation of all the inhabitants of the island. "

Andreas Angelis, on behalf of the Together Cyprus volunteer network, said that the campaign is the largest civil movement that has ever been organized in the world.

The movement started in 2008 year in Estonia, where 50 000 volunteers left the houses to jointly collect 10 000 tons of garbage on roads, beaches, in cities and forests. They could do it in just five hours.

By 2017, over 16 million volunteers in 113 countries have taken part in the campaign "Let's do it".

In Cyprus, this company operates from 2012 year and collected more than 120 tons of garbage.

The best result was shown by 2017 year, 35 000 people took part in it, it is more than twice as many as in previous years.

More information can be read HERE, and also to leave an application for participation.

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