Today: March 21 2019
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Cyprus and Georgia draw minds together

Cyprus and Georgia draw minds together

Tags: Cyprus, Georgia, Education, International Relations, Ministers, Politics

Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus Costas Cadiz and Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Mikhail Chkhenkeli signed a memorandum of cooperation in Tbilisi.

According to Georgia Online, for the purpose of accessibility of academic training programs, the parties will promote bilateral recognition of academic qualifications in higher education institutions of the two countries, and will ensure the participation of scientists, experts and students in scientific conferences, congresses and symposia that will be held in Cyprus and Georgia .

Collaboration in the field of science will deepen. The authorities of the two countries support the establishment of direct contacts between higher educational establishments in Cyprus and the educational, scientific, and research institutions of Georgia. Ministers will promote the introduction and expansion of academic exchange programs for academic personnel, researchers, bachelors, magistracy, and doctors.

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