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Cyprus has changed visa rules for Russian citizens

The northern territories of the island were banned from visiting.

The northern part of Cyprus, under the control of Turkey, will incur new losses from the introduction of additional conditions of stay on the island.

As it became known, with 1 December, citizens of the Russian Federation who intend to visit North Cyprus will not be issued a visa. However, earlier conditions were almost the same, and the flow of tourists from Russia to these territories was low.

Then the Russians did not spread the information that they plan to travel to the TRNC under the control of Turkey, but the entry to this territory was carried out without hindrance. To do this, it was necessary to land at the international airports of Larnaca or Paphos.

Experts say that the distribution of tourist flows from Russia will not affect this in any way.

Recall that the republic in the north of Cyprus was formed almost 35 years ago. Its existence was recognized only by Turkey. It has the status of disputed territories.

A source: VERSION

Author: Vlad Doigralis

Tags: Cyprus, Russia, Visa, Northern Cyprus, Tourism