Today: November 16 2018
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Cyprus hopes for Russia's help in solving

Cyprus hopes for Russia's help in resolving the "Turkish problem"

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The leader of the centrist movement of Cyprus urged President Anastasiadis connect to the negotiations on the "Turkish problem" Russia and France. Bid authorities to mediate in this matter the United States and Great Britain is seen by many on the island with concern.

Centrist movement of Cyprus - "Civil union" called on the authorities to solve the "Turkish problem" with the help of Russia. The leader of the Union, George Lillikas, President Nikos Anastasiadis made a mistake when in the negotiations on a Cyprus settlement started to cooperate with the United Kingdom and the United States.

Such a position of the president is of great concern in Cyprus. Lillikas noted that, historically, the United Kingdom and the United States supported by Turkey; as the two countries share the responsibility for the Turkish military invasion and occupation of the island. To resolve the problem you need to connect Russia and other friends of Cyprus, said Lillikas. United Kingdom and the United States is, by contrast, will have a lot of pressure on Cyprus. These countries have previously made it clear that their strategic ally in the region is Turkey.

In this context, "civil union" Cyprus said about the need to participate in the negotiation process of the five UN Security Council members, particularly Russia and France. In addition, the union leaders are asking the President of Cyprus Anastasiadis restore and strengthen bilateral relations with Russia for the settlement of "Turkish problem".

Recall that in 1974, Cyprus was subjected to an armed invasion by Turkey. The reason for this was the coup d'état carried out by supporters of the island's annexation to Greece. Due to the fact that a significant number of Turks live in Cyprus, this development threatened to escalate interethnic clashes, given their difficult relations with the Greeks. As a result of the occupation, Cyprus was divided into a recognized Republic of Cyprus, inhabited mainly by the Greeks, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, inhabited by the Turks, unrecognized by the international community. Negotiations have been held since then, with the aim of reuniting the northern and southern parts of the island within the federation. The unresolved problem and Turkey's refusal to recognize the Republic of Cyprus are the main factors on the way of Turkey's accession to the European Union.

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