Today: March 22 2019
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Cyprus covered with dust

Cyprus covered with dust

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The authorities of the island ask all residents to be as thorough as possible and without extreme necessity not to spend a lot of time on the street. The reason is that the level of dust in the air over Cyprus exceeds all permissible norms.

Strong winds are blowing in Cyprus today. But this is by far not the most serious problem. The wind was provoked by dust clouds. In this regard, the level of dust in the air over Cyprus is exceeded several times, reports Cyprus News Agency.

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According to the data published by the Department for Air Quality Control, the largest excess of dust in the air is in the capital of the island. There, the maximum indicator fixed today is 123 μg / m & sup3 ;. In second place is Paphos with an indicator in 91 μg / m & sup3 ;. Limassol recorded 75 μg / m & sup3 ;. And this is all at the maximum permissible rate in μg / m & sup3 ;.

Due to strong winds and, as a result, a storm on the sea, the authorities in Ayia Napa did not give permission to the ships to go to sea.

Increasing the concentration of dust in the air in Cyprus is not the first time. The authorities of the island are not advised to leave the premises on such days. Especially this caution concerns the elderly, children, as well as pregnant women.

Natalia Kudlay
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