Today: February 20 2019
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Cyprus will not soon become an all-season destination for recreation

Cyprus will not soon become an all-season destination for recreation

Tags: Cyprus Tourism, Economics, Statistics

The other day, Vice President of the Cyprus Tourism Organization Costas Kumis said that Cyprus will become a year-round resort not earlier than 2030. Nevertheless, this year is expected not less tourists than in 2017 year. Especially considering the situation with Brexit and the number of tourists from Russia.

Speaking to the financial committee of the Parliament, Kostas Kumis noted that last year Cyprus visited about 3,6 million tourists. Compared with the previous period, the number of tourists increased by 14,6%. At the same time, total revenue amounted to 2,6 billion euros, reports Philenews.

According to the vice-president of the Cyprus Tourism Organization, for today the main task for the country in the sphere of tourism is to achieve stable visits to tourists, the number of which will be more than 3,5 million people in the tourist period. Nevertheless, an important aspect remains the implementation of the national tourism strategy, which involves even more attracting tourists with a high level of income. Also, according to the strategy plan, Cyprus will become more accessible for year-round tourism, but it will not be earlier than in 12 years. It is expected that the number of tourists will reach 4,8 million a year.

Elena Savchenko
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