Today: January 18 2019
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Cyprus is dissatisfied with systematic violations of its borders

Cyprus is dissatisfied with systematic violations of its borders

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Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the United Nations Cornelios Corneliu, in a letter sent to the UN Secretary-General, protested the constant encroachment of Turkey on the airspace and territorial waters of Cyprus.

"In this regard, the Republic of Cyprus again calls for adherence to the principles of sovereignty and non-interference enshrined in the UN Charter," said Corneliu, who handed several documents to the UN Secretary General with a detailed description of violations by Turkey.

So, among them is the fact of the constant use for the commercial flights of the illegal airport of Tymbou, the systematic pursuit of civil and military aircraft of the republic in the region of Nicosia's flight information, as well as cases of human rights violations and so on.

The policy of Turkey, which is expressed in "a steady disregard for international law," jeopardizes the security of international civil aviation, has a negative impact on the stability of the region and gives obvious difficulties to Cyprus air carriers, Corneliu said.

Cornelio once again urged Turkey and the TRNC to heed the calls of the international community and contribute to the constructive resumption of the peace process, instead of "wasting time on undermining the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus".

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