Today: January 18 2019
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Cyprus announced a set of "shop inspectors"

Cyprus announced a set of "shop inspectors"

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The head of the Kyiv branch of the Cyprus Consumers' Association, Marios Druciotis, spoke about the new initiative. He invited the inhabitants of Nicosia to become "secret buyers", or rather, market observers on a voluntary basis.

The organization announced that under the new project, consumers will be able to monitor the work of stores and sellers and report associations about violations. The pilot project will affect only Nicosia, but will soon spread throughout Cyprus.

By the middle of the week, seven participants were registered in the project, each of which will be given free training on the topic of commodity law. Potential observers need to communicate the association's name, email address and phone number. so that they can be contacted for training. Classes are held every Tuesday from 17: 30 to 19: 00 at the University of Nicosia.

Observers are invited to assess the situation in the store on several criteria. Among the violations that need to be reported to the association, the absence of price tags on products or unit prices, as well as an indication of the wrong price of the product, is indicated, which only appears at the checkout. The association emphasizes that it is necessary to report any manipulation of prices, be it grandiose discounts or, conversely, an unexpected sharp increase in value.

More information can be obtained at the regional office of the association in Nicosia by phones 99 677 589, 99 486 778 or 99 329 546.

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