Today: January 18 2019
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Cyprus will switch to electronic medical books

Cyprus will switch to electronic medical books

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The authorities of Cyprus 19 April began to discuss a bill on the storage of medical information about patients in a single electronic database. This is part of the program to implement the reform of the health care system in Cyprus.

Soon, when visiting a doctor, patients will present a single medical record, which will reveal to the specialist temporary access to information about human health. It is about the diagnoses, diagnoses, procedures, analyzes and operations that were performed earlier, and also about the prescribed treatment. Also, the medical facility will receive instant access to information about health insurance.

Christos Shizas, a presidential adviser on the introduction of the electronic system, recalled that the medical map will be created at the time of birth, and the data will be stored throughout life. The estimated cost of digitizing all the information currently available in insurance companies will be 50 million euros, in hospitals - another 70 million euros.

However, the advantages of the new system are undeniable, I'm sure Shizas. Electronic document management will reduce to zero the loss of data, and the efficiency of doctors will increase. Reducing the use of paper is another financial and environmental result of implementing government plans.

The deputies intend to accelerate the pace of drafting the provisions of the legislation and start implementing it by the end of this year.

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