Today: December 16 2018
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Cyprus will spend almost 3 million euros on tourism advertising

Cyprus will spend almost 3 million euros on tourism advertising

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The Cyprus Tourism Organization (COT) launched a new advertising campaign to promote Cyprus abroad as a high-quality tourist destination. The campaign budget is 2,7 million euros, and its slogan remains the same: "Cyprus in your heart".

In an interview with StockWatch, an employee of the marketing department of COT Christ Mastras, the organization launches an advertising campaign in more than 20 countries, including Great Britain, Russia, Belarus, Scandinavian and Baltic countries, Austria, Arab countries (Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, etc.), Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Israel, Ukraine, Switzerland, France, Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic. According to Moustras, the promotion will be carried out mainly online and on the radio, as well as by sending out press releases.

The main objectives of the advertising strategy of the COT for 2018 year are the promotion of Cyprus as a quality tourist destination and the solution of the problem of the seasonality of Cypriot tourism, which is especially acute in the period from November to April.

In addition, the COT aims to attract potential tourists to the rich cultural heritage of the island, as well as to convey information about Cyprus to specialized consumer groups, for example, football teams conducting training here, or couples who want to marry.

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