Today: February 23 2019
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Cyprus will make efforts to create a European supercomputer

Cyprus will make efforts to create a European supercomputer

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11 January, the European Commission said that it intends to invest up to 2020 a billion euros in the creation of supercomputers and the necessary infrastructure for them, including artificial intelligence. On Friday, 9 February, it became known that Cyprus signed the declaration, becoming 15-th country in Europe, which will be involved in this process.

Supercomputers are the engine of the strength of the digital economy. This is a difficult race and today the European Union is behind: we do not have supercomputers in the first world top ten, "said Andrus Ansip, the Prime Minister of Estonia and Vice-President of the European Commission for Single Digital Market Affairs.

The computers that exist now in Europe depend on technologies developed outside the EU. This affects the competitiveness of Europe and the process of developing and using new technologies. European companies store large amounts of data outside the continent, which can create problems in the areas of security, data protection and commercial secrecy.

The new financial and legal structure - the joint venture EuroHPC - realizes and deploys in the EU a high level of efficiency infrastructure of the world level. EuroHPC will also support a research and innovation program to develop technology and information technology, as well as software for supercomputers.

Supercomputers have already become a tool for major breakthroughs and innovations in many areas that directly affect the daily lives of European citizens. They can help us develop personalized medicine, save energy and fight climate change more effectively, "European Commissioner for Digital Policy Maria Gabriel said.

In the plans of the European Commission - to create for 2022-2023 a supercomputer, which will enter the top three world leaders. The Declaration on the creation of a European supercomputer was signed by 15 European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic and Cyprus.

The group members expect to develop high-performance "world-class" computer systems, including artificial intelligence and applications in the areas of health, safety and engineering. It is expected that the infrastructure of supercomputers will create new jobs in the European Union.

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