Today: February 23 2019
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Cyprus continues to assert its rights to cheeses

Cyprus continues to assert its rights to cheeses

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Cheese Halitzia, the recipe of which the Cypriot scientists not so long ago began to restore, will soon be registered as a national product. This means that it will be protected at the legislative level by geographical affiliation, like hollumi cheese.

Minister of Agriculture Nikos Kuyaylis said that this week the procedure for registration of another national Cypriot cheese was started. Cheese Halitzia is considered one of the oldest Cypriot products. The recipe for cheese was lost, but at the end of last year, scientists on the island were able to restore it. In cooperation with the State Technical University, a project is being developed to obtain an application for the certification of a protected designation of origin (PDO) or a protected geographical indication (PGI), The Cyprus Mail reports.

According to Fotis Papadimas, assistant professor of the department of dairy science and technology of the State Technical University, the Halitzia project is just beginning. The technical part that the university is studying can be ready in a few months, but then the data will be sent to the ministry, which is going to form a committee.

The knowledge of the Halitzia cheese, which was originally prepared in Tilliriya in the region of Pyrgos and Tsakistra in Nicosia, was given orally through the generations. White cheese ripens at least 40 days in serum. It has an acidic, moderately salty taste and a slightly porous structure.

Natalia Kudlay
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