Today: January 15 2019
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Cyprus continues to protest against the construction of a Turkish nuclear power plant at 80 km from the island

Cyprus continues to protest against the construction of a Turkish nuclear power plant at 80 km from the island

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Authorities and residents are extremely concerned about the construction of a nuclear power plant near Cyprus, which began in Turkey. The matter is that the nuclear power plant will be located only in 80 kilometers from the northern coast of Cyprus.

A nuclear power plant near Cyprus is extremely worried about the islanders. The fact is that Turkey decided to build a nuclear power plant on the southern coast of its country in the town of Akkuy (Mersin district). The distance from the site of the future nuclear power plant to Kyrenia by sea is only 80 kilometers, and the Cypriots worry that such proximity can be extremely dangerous, writes Philelewtheros.

There are several reasons for the concern of the Cypriots. The first is in the construction itself, which is unsafe. Ecologists of Europe say that the construction of power units will negatively affect the environment. The second reason is the lack of confidence in the safety of equipment. Although all the reactors are built according to the Russian project, and Vladimir Putin assured Europe of their quality and safety, there remain many people who disagree with this.

The third reason is a complex political situation. In particular, Turkey shows interest in the Syrian war, and at any moment military actions can begin. There is no need to explain how dangerous the war is near the territory with nuclear power plants.

Now Europe's ecologists are trying to stop the construction of nuclear power plants, gathering evidence of its danger to the environment and people. According to experts, the results of construction can have a very negative impact on several countries in the Mediterranean.

Irina Zhmaeva
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