Today: January 22 2019
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Cyprus continues

Cyprus continues to "lose" Ministers

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Ministers of Education and Kyriakos Kenevezos Defense Minister Fotis Fotiu said yesterday that suspend their membership in the wild.

A similar decision was voiced by the Minister of Health, Petros Petridis, also confirmed his withdrawal from the party. Let's remind, all from ДИКО posts in government of Анастасиадиса were occupied with four ministers. One of them, Energy Minister Yorgos Lakkotripis left the party a week ago. In turn, the president of the party, Nicholas Papadopoulos, reacted sharply to the decision of the ministers, noting that "Diko is not chairs". He stressed that the party's decision to withdraw from the government coalition was taken at a vote with a slight margin of majority, which spoke against the support of President Anastasiadis in connection with disagreements over the Cyprus issue. According to Papadopoulos, Anastassiadis has already violated part of his campaign promises.

Meanwhile, in his statements and Fotiu Kenevezos ministers stressed that Diko must play its role as a coalition party in an effort to find a compromise on the issue of Cyprus settlement. According to them, the active membership of the party they had suspended to clarify the situation.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers 11 all resigned to the fact that the president could make a permutation or make new appointments. The President will announce its decision by mid-March, and until that time, he asked all the ministers to perform their duties.

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