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Cyprus UN Secretary General pointed out errors in the question on the settlement

Cyprus UN Secretary General pointed out errors in the question on the settlement

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The Republic of Cyprus has angered the statement by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to the reasons for which were broken off talks on a Cyprus settlement.

Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides told reporters that he has ordered the Permanent Mission of the United Nations to make a formal presentation of the office of the head of the international community due to the fact that the Secretary General had erred in analyzing the situation.

Ban Ki-moon on Saturday on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, said that "unfortunately, the negotiations were suspended due to the change of government in the Greek Cypriot community, and then there's the economic crisis broke out." Nevertheless, he expressed the hope that the leaders of divided communities "are very close to their resumption."

According Kasoulides, "the Secretary-General of the United Nations there is no reason to claim that the negotiations were broken off because of the elections."

"They were interrupted (the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community Dervis) Eroglu for 8 months before the elections under the pretext of accession of the Republic of Cyprus Presidency of the Council of Europe (since July 1 2012 years), against which he protested, - said the head of the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs. - The then President Christofias has said publicly that seeks to continue negotiations under the presidency of the Republic of Cyprus. "

Kasoulides also said that a strong protest will be made due to the fact that Ban Ki-moon in his statements allowed himself to speak of the "elections in the Greek-Cypriot community", rather than the Republic of Cyprus. "UN Secretary-General would have to know which states are members of the United Nations," - said the head of the Foreign Ministry.

"I want to believe that he has such issues may not be as clear as for those directly relates to the issues of Cyprus, - said Kasoulides. - I must admit that the UN Secretary General is currently engaged in the solution of very serious issues. If he had been more attentive, I could avoid making similar mistakes. I do not think he did it deliberately. "

Cyprus is divided into an internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus, which is a member of the United Nations, where mainly Greek Cypriots live, and the northern part of the island controlled by Turkish Cypriots. It was captured in 1974 by Turkey as a result of an armed invasion provoked by a coup d'état of supporters of the annexation of Cyprus to Greece. In 1983, the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", which was not recognized by the world community, was proclaimed in the occupied territory constituting more than 37% of the island. Cyprus was admitted to the European Union in 2004, however, according to the protocol on accession, the operation of the EU legal system does not apply to areas not under the effective control of the Republic of Cyprus.

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