Today: March 23 2019
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Cyprus in the EU leaders on dangerous goods on the shelves

Cyprus in the EU leaders on dangerous goods on the shelves

Tags: Cyprus, Security, EU

Following the results of 2017, Cyprus took the fifth place in the Rapid Alert System for Dangerous Goods (Rapex) list, which contains information on dangerous products seized from store shelves.

Rapex is an EU notification system that notifies members of the union of products that carry a risk to the health and safety of consumers. It does not include food and pharmaceutical products, as well as medical devices.

In total for 2017 year on dangerous goods has informed 31 the state of EU. Over the past year, Rapex has replenished the 2 201 product, with 6,2% of notifications, or information about 137 products, received from Cyprus. In general, toys (29%), cars (20%), children's clothes and ornaments (total 12%) were classified as dangerous.

According to the Rapex report, most of the dangerous goods come from China and other countries that are not members of the EU.
In order to further improve the situation on the domestic market, in April the European Commission plans to sign an agreement on the modernization of existing regulations and increasing consumer protection.

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