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Cyprus twice increased its exports

In January 2017 of Cyprus sent the export of goods to 0,2 billion euros, which means an increase in the index of 47% compared to the same month last year. It is reported by news portal SigmaLive with reference to the statistical service Eurostat.

This trade within the EU shows a decline in exports: in the first month of the year has sold goods on 0,1 billion euros, which means a decrease in exports to 3% compared to the same month 2016. At the same time a similar amount of goods (in the amount of about 0,1 billion euros) were sold outside the EU, and this is equivalent to an increase indicator esporta in this direction on 96%.

Imports showed an increase of EUR 0,5 or 45% billion, of which € 0,3 billion (+ 20%) - the goods from the EU and the 0,2 billion euros (+ 122%) - products from countries outside the eurozone.

Thus, the total trade deficit in January amounted to EUR -0,3 billion.

A source: Successful business

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