Today: March 22 2019
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Cyprus is a big problem for Merkel

Cyprus is a big problem for Merkel

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12 March in Berlin, a coalition agreement was signed to create a new government of Germany. Negotiations on the formation of the coalition, which started after 24 September 2017 year of parliamentary elections, lasted more than five months. After signing the 177-page document, Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a press conference, during which she answered the question of Cyprus News Agency.

We have a very big problem when it comes to Cyprus. For many years, we have sought to find a solution to [the Cyprus problem], but this did not happen, and Turkey played an important role in this, "Frau Merkel said.

Recall that for 26 March in Varna (Bulgaria) is scheduled to hold an EU summit - Turkey. 100-percent confidence that it will take place, yet - it is so aggressive and unceremoniously behaved Ankara in recent times.

It's not just about the military blockade of the drilling platform Saipem 12000, which has not been able to start research on the site of the number 3 of the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus, but also about the conflict between Turkey and Greece.

The arrest of the lieutenant and the sergeant of the Greek Armed Forces, which 2 March during the patrolling of the border were in Turkey, was added to the long-accumulated problems. Angelos Mitretodis and Dimitris Kuklatzis are suspected of espionage.

Turkish President [Erdogan] was in Greece. This was not long ago. I am happy that [Prime Minister] Alexis Tsipras has so many contacts with Turkey, even if they are complicated by mutual tension, "Angela Merkel said.

Answering the question about relations with Turkey, the German Chancellor stated that she "is not able to conceal our differences, but the channels of communication must remain open, because we are dependent on each other."

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