Today: January 17 2019
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Cyprus expects large-scale reform of municipalities

Cyprus expects large-scale reform of municipalities

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Interior Minister Konstantinos Petridis said that the government is ready to discuss the reform of local self-government, since "the existing system no longer functions." This is reported by CyprusMail with reference to the speech Petridis during the conference on local government in Pervolia, Larnaka.

According to the Minister, at the moment in Cyprus there are 30 municipalities and 350 councils of communities. Effective consideration of requirements and requests coming from them is impossible within the framework of the current legislation. The latest report of Auditor General Odysseus Michaelis, published last week, says that the state of local government is not sustainable, therefore, their restructuring should be a top priority for the government and the legislature. The existence of so many municipalities and communities leads to waste of public funds.

The government's proposal envisages a reduction in the number of municipalities, the creation of "clusters" of district authorities and the rationalization of services such as water supply and sewerage. The stated goal is to reduce operating costs through consolidation.

Petridis added that at this stage of discussions in the parliament there is no common opinion on a number of items that will be considered in turn.

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