Today: October 19 2018
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Cypriot arrested for fraud with the sale of land

Cypriot arrested for fraud with the sale of land

Tags: Cyprus, Fraud, Real Estate, Arrest, Police, Investigations

19 October was detained 38-year-old Cypriot, accused of deceiving an alien who was planning to buy in 2014 a plot of land in a village near Limassol for slightly more than a million euros.

According to The Cyprus Times, the detainee was an intermediary. When the owner of the land plot changed his mind to sell, the intermediary "forgot" to inform the buyer about it. He received from an alien 469 thousand euros two bank transfers plus 25 thousand in cash. In the end, the buyer came to the conclusion that he was being deceived, and managed to cancel the check he had drawn out for an amount of 545 thousand euros.

It is expected that on Friday the Limassol court will issue an arrest warrant for the detainee.

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