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17.03.2017 - 20: 18

Cypriot put in his bedroom greenhouses for the cultivation of hemp

On Tuesday night the police department staff Ayiya Napa and Famagusta traffic police stopped to check the car, driven by a 35-year-old employee of the hotel Paralimni.

Saloon car was literally saturated with a characteristic odor of cannabis. Law enforcement officers found a homemade marijuana cigarette and two stub Cigarette exactly the same. Also in the car Plastic bag was found with 17-yu grams of cannabis.

35-year-old hotel employee was arrested at the scene and taken to a police station Famagusta. Law enforcers have received permission to search the apartment detainee. Imagine their surprise when the men in the bedroom, they found two tents-34 greenhouses with plants of cannabis, whose height ranged from 10 60 to centimeters.

Famagusta Police investigating the case on the fact of the illicit cultivation of cannabis and illegal possession and distribution of narcotic drugs.

A source: KP

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