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Cypriot elected head of PACE

Cypriot elected head of PACE

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Cyprus representative Stella Kiriakidis was elected on Tuesday as temporary chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). In the third round, 132 votes were given for her, her opponent, Lithuanian politician Emanuelis Zingeris, received 84.

The new chairman of the assembly will remain in office until the opening of the next regular session, which will be held in Strasbourg 22-26 January 2018. The election of the head of PACE became necessary after last Friday, its former chairman, Pedro Agramunt, resigned.

The scandal around Agramunt erupted during the April session of the PACE, when the European parliamentarians criticized the Spaniard for his March trip to Syria together with the State Duma deputies. 28 April PACE Bureau expressed a vote of no confidence in Agramunt.

At the summer session of the Assembly, amendments to the PACE regulations were adopted allowing impeachment of its chairman. The authority of Agramunt as PACE speaker expired in January of the year 2018.

Kiriakidis is the representative of the Cyprus delegation to the Assembly from 20 June 2016 and is a member of the right-wing faction of the European People's Party. At the same time, she was nominated as an interim president of the PACE as an independent candidate.

She also heads the PACE Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development, and is a member of the statutory bodies of the Assembly. In addition, she is the author of reports on the social security of children in Europe, as well as reports on the fight against cancer.

During the previous session, she became one of the signatories of the petition for the removal of Agramunt from his post.

Biography of Stella Kyriakides

Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Stella Kyriakides (Stella Kyriakides) was born 10 March 1956 year in the city of Nicosia, Cyprus.

She studied psychology at the universities of Reading and Manchester (Great Britain). Has a master's degree in psychology.

From 1979 year on 2006 year Stella Kyriakides worked in the Mental Health Service of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus, engaged in child and adolescent psychiatry.

In 2006, she was elected to the Parliament of Cyprus.

From 2012 to 2016 year was the deputy representative of Cyprus in PACE.

Since June 2016, the representative of Cyprus in PACE, the chairman of the delegation.

Headed the PACE Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development. Кириакидес - the author of reports on access of children in Europe to the social help and the reports devoted to problems of diagnostics of a cancer of a breast in Europe.

10 October 2017, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe elected Stella Kyriakides as the head of the organization by a simple majority in the third round.

Since 2006, he has been a member of the Political Bureau of the DISY (Democratic Union) party and the DISY High Council.

Since 2008, the DISY Commissioner for Family and Juvenile Affairs.

Since 2013 year - vice-president of DISY.

President of the European Coalition for Breast Cancer Europe (2004-2006). President of the Forum for the Treatment of Breast Cancer Europe Donna Cyprus from 2000.

Chairman of the Consultative Committee of Patients (PAC) of the European Cancer Organization (2010-2012).

The author of the books "Cancer and Pregnancy" (Cancer and pregnanc, 2008), "Adjuvant therapy for breast cancer" (Adjuvant therapy for breast cancer, 2009). Co-author of the book "Trauma in adolescence" (Trauma in Adolescence, 1998).

The material is prepared on the basis of information from RIA Novosti and open sources

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