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Cypriots are asked not to call back to unknown numbers

Cyprus is attacked by telephone fraudsters. On mobile phones of the inhabitants of the island, calls from unknown foreign numbers are received. Call from the Republic of the Congo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria, Brazil ... Callers or hang up before the owners of Cypriot numbers have time to respond, or are silent.

The purpose of the fraudulent scheme is to force the Cyprian subscriber to call back to the number from which the call came in. And then the owner of the Cyprus Simka will have to pay for the "golden" tariff, because the prices for such calls are significantly higher than the tariffs for ordinary foreign calls.

Commenting on the situation with the online edition of Offsite, representatives of Cyprus's largest mobile communication provider CyTA said they knew about the problem. But they can not do anything, since calls are received from mobile phones, not from fixed phones. Experts advise in no case to call back.

Are you calling from strange numbers in Cyprus? Do not call back!

Three telephone calls received yesterday (18 October) to the Cyprus number from the Republic of the Congo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Algeria


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