Today: December 14 2018
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Cypriots use their right to "cheer up" to the maximum

Cypriots use their right to "cheer up" to the maximum

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The European Statistical Agency (Eurostat) published data on payments for sick leave in 28 member countries of the European Union for 2015 year. Cyprus, which issued 8,5% of its total social spending to its ailing citizens, ranked first in Europe. This is not surprising - Cypriot officials believe that they simply have to use their right to "cheer up" to the maximum. According to Phileleftheros, we constantly hear this phrase: "I have five more [10, 20, 30] days of the hospital this year."

According to Eurostat, EU member states spent 2014 billion euros for 138 hospital fees, which is 1% of the EU's GDP. The highest costs were recorded in Cyprus (mentioned above 8,5% of all costs of the social sphere). The top three are Germany (6,1%) and the Netherlands (5,3%). On the average for the European Union this indicator is 3,6%. Less than in other EU countries, they pay for absence from work due to illness in Greece (0,7%), Italy (1,2%) and Portugal (1,4%).

In 2015, the Republic of Cyprus spent on the payment of social benefits 3,788 billion. Of them 321,22 million euros went to pay for sick leave. In 2014, this indicator was slightly more modest - 296,55 million euros.

Most often, applications for payment of a sick leave sheet come from the public sector. According to the law on civil service, officials are entitled to 42 paid days, which they may be absent from work due to illness. Every day from 1500 to 2000 officials do not appear at work. As evidence of a valid reason for their absence, they present sickness sheets. However, not all of them are actually sick, the newspaper Phileleftheros states. Imaginary patients cost the state tens of millions of euros.

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