Today: December 16 2018
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Cypriots still do not like the future of the neighborhood with crocodiles

Cypriots still do not like the future of the neighborhood with crocodiles

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Despite the fact that the Crocodile Park in Cyprus is a very profitable and unusual project, not all villagers agree with such a dangerous neighborhood.

The crocodile park in Cyprus may soon appear in the village of Akhna. Israeli investors are already ready to allocate the appropriate amount for the arrangement of the park. However, local residents do not completely agree with such a dangerous neighborhood, the publication Phileleftheros reports.

In particular, villagers demand a series of measures before opening the park in order to guarantee their safety. Among these requirements, the priority for work in the park should be given to the villagers. In addition, the park should operate a reliable security system, which excludes the possibility of escape of crocodiles.

Another requirement is the existence of a fixed amount in the account of the community in the bank, which can serve as a guarantee for the villagers, if suddenly the park is ruined or closed for some other reason.

Recall that the island already successfully operates a park with camels and an Oslina farm, which attracts a large number of visitors annually.

Natalia Kudlay
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