Today: December 17 2018
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The Cypriots built an 60-meter house for bats

The Cypriots built an 60-meter house for bats

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Two years ago, a group of activists built an artificial tunnel for bats in the forest of Paphos in the western part of Cyprus, according to "Fileletheros". The length of the tunnel is 60 meters. It was built with the help of the mining company Hellenic Copper Mines, which provided its equipment, workers and materials for its construction.

The cost of the building was not disclosed. It is also unknown why it was necessary to erect such a construction if there are other natural habitats of bats in Cyprus. However, as you can see in the photos, there is a raid - in this "house" there were already the first inhabitants - bats of two kinds. True, there are very few of them ...

Gleb Nekrasov
Cyprus Butterfly
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