Today: February 21 2019
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Cypriots believe that a woman should be engaged in a house

Cypriots believe that a woman should be engaged in a house

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"The place of a woman is in the kitchen", or at least in the house, the Cypriots consider. More than 60% of the indigenous population of Cyprus sees a woman in the role of a housewife, showed a Eurobarometer survey.

It is best if a woman is engaged in a house and children, the Cypriots consider. The scale of the statistical service The Eurobarometer demonstrates that the patriarchate still remained in Cyprus, despite its integration into the EU. More than 60% of the respondents answered: the primary duty of the woman is to take care of the house and family. The most surprising thing is that this opinion is not only of men, but of women themselves.

No less interesting were the answers to the question of men's responsibilities. Only 39% of the inhabitants of Cyprus fully agreed with the opinion that "the prime task of a man is to earn money," InBusinessNews writes. Thus, the Cypriots are in a transition state from the complete financial dependence of a woman and her attachment to the economy to her independence.

In the general ranking of gender equality, Cyprus among European countries is located at 12 place. This means that gender differences are still visible, but the island moves in the direction of equality of the weak and stronger sex.

Recall that the patriarchate in Cyprus lasted quite a long time because of the peculiarities of religion and way of life. It could be traced back to the accession of the island to the European Union. It should be noted: in Cyprus there are still men's coffee houses, and women do not occupy high positions and significant government posts.

Irina Zhmaeva
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