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Cypriots will be able to repay online

The system, which gives people the opportunity to repay the tax debt online, should appear within two weeks. On May 15 This Cypriot MPs said the tax commissioner Yiannis Tsangaris. According to him, full of information about access to the system and the rules for the use will be at the time of its launch.

To repay the debt, taxpayers will have to register on the government portal "Ariadne". The required data individuals can receive the Citizen Service Center. Legal entities will have to apply to the central post office.

It is also noted that the tax liability can be paid in installments.

For those who want to pay off all your tax debts immediately, the department offers a significant reduction (up to 95%) penalty. For example, if the actual debt is 100 000 euros and penalties - 30 000 euros, the taxpayer will have to pay EUR 100 000 5% plus from the 30 000 euros. The five per cent tax department has decided to leave as an administrative fee.

In total, the tax payable in Cyprus exceeds 1 billion euros Tsangaris said. The number of court cases related to tax evasion, is about 1300 today.

A source: VC

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