Today: 24 September 2018
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Cyprus basketball players have taken revenge in Russia

Cyprus basketball players have taken revenge in Russia

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On Thursday evening Saratov "Avtodor" lost in the second match of the first qualifying round of the Champions League "Keravnos" with the account 63: 67. In the first match in Nicosia, Avtodor won 83: 72, so he made it to the second qualifying round, where he will play against the Montenegrin Mornar.

- It was a very difficult game. We showed the character and tried to do everything possible. Four minutes before the end were 11 points and were very close to the exit to the next round of the Champions League. I am very proud of my players, "said Christophoros Livadiotis, head coach of Keravnos.

- Believe me, it's not so easy to come here from Cyprus and win 11 points at a big Russian club during the match. I wish Avtodor and his Italian coach Andrea Mazzon, who is a very good person, good luck in the upcoming season. I am sure that in the future he will achieve great heights with Avtodor.

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