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Cypriot women want to get into special forces

Cypriot women want to get into special forces

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According to the Ministry of Defense of Cyprus, almost every fourth woman who passed the selection for the army of Cyprus, asked to identify her in the special forces.

Women-military in the army of Cyprus - not a novelty. In August 2017, the army of the country replenished with 600 professional soldiers, of which 300 soldiers are women. At the same time 80 women signed up for special forces.

As in the case of their male counterparts, in order to get into the army, they had to undergo complex tests for physical fitness. After that, they were able to continue their studies on the same program as men. Upon completion of the training, military women will assume the same responsibilities as men.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Christoforos Fokaides informed the deputies about new contracts that the government will offer professional soldiers. The minister said that due to the reduction in the 2016 year of conscript service on the island from 14 months to 10 months, the government hired 3 thousands of soldiers under the contract. The contract is for three years, but it can be extended to seven years by mutual agreement.

According to the minister, the new contracts include articles on sick days, unpaid leave and holidays in general. In addition, the soldiers will have the right to a two-hour break before duty on duty during non-working hours.

Let us note that the main part of the army of Cyprus is represented by the National Guard, consisting mainly of draftees.

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