Today: March 24 2019
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Cyprus women will be protected from sexual harassment at work

Cyprus women will be protected from sexual harassment at work

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According to Louise Christodulidou-Zaette, head of the Committee on Gender Equality in the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Cyprus, the victims of harrament on the island are mostly women. The Cabinet is working to create a set of rules that will prevent the occurrence of sexual harassment in the workplace.

According to statistics based on the analysis of incoming complaints, from 10 to 20% of working in Cyprus, women face sexual harassment from their supervisors and colleagues. And these are only those cases, which became known to the authorities, because the representatives of the weaker sex decided to complain about the inappropriate behavior of men.

The most vulnerable group are girls and young women who have been hired recently and do not yet have work experience. According to the study of the Ministry of Labor, every third lady who took part in the survey said that she had been subjected to some form of sexual harassment. Most agreed that the Cypriot laws do not protect them.

Ombudswoman of the Republic of Cyprus Maria Stilianu-Lottidi explained that her office also participates in the development of the "Rules of conduct in the workplace", which (in theory) should prevent the cases of harrament. The legislative base of the Republic of Cyprus will be penalized - disciplinary and criminal - for sexual harassment "in the work collectives."

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