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Cyprus mountain hotel «RODON» opens after protracted repair

After two years of downtime related to repairs, the Rodon Hotel opens in the village of Agros. About it declared on the official page of the hotel in Facebook. Repair began in 2016 year. It was planned to finish it in the beginning of June 2017 year, however, the work was extended for another year.

Rodon Hotel opened in Agros more than 30 years ago and up to 2016 year worked without repair. In 2016, it was closed with the phrase "finding ways to extend the tourist season, reducing operating costs."

The hotel is run by Proodos. The reconstruction of the hotel was spent 4,6 million euros.

And, 1 June 2018, the hotel will once again open its doors for tourists who want to relax in the mountains of Cyprus.

"Rodon" - a great hotel by the standards of mountain Cyprus. It has more than 300 numbers.

A source: Cyprus Butterfly

Author: Gleb Nekrasov

Tags: Cyprus, Hotels, Renovation, Mountains

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