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Cyprus yachtsman Pavlos Contidis became European Champion

Cyprus yachtsman Pavlos Contidis became European Champion

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On Saturday, 12 May, Cypriot sailor Pavlos Contidis won the European Championships, held in the French city of La Rochelle. This title athlete, performing in the class of racing yachts Laser, won for the first time.

I knew that this was a realistic goal, and I finally achieved it, despite the small mistakes made during the race, "said Pavlos, who became the world champion in Croatian Split last year.

"What a pleasant feeling it is to win the European Championship for the first time in my career. This week was full of challenges here in La Rochelle. And I'm so happy that I became the new champion of Europe. Thank you for your unconditional support. "

On Sunday evening, Contidis will return to Cyprus for a short break, and then travel to Croatia to begin preparations for the next competition. He intends to participate in the XVIII Mediterranean Games, which will be held in Tarragona (Spain) in June, and at the World Championships in Århus (Denmark) in August.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, on his Facebook page, congratulated 28-year-old Pavlos Contidis on his victory at the European Championships and 31-year-old Eleni Fureira with the second place on the Eurovision Song Contest-2018.

"Two young people raised Cyprus to new heights. For the first time Pavlos Contidis won the European Championship, and Eleni Fureira with Alex's song Papakonstantinu took second place at the European Eurovision Song Contest, which is the best achievement in the history of Cyprus. Thank you! We are proud of you! "

"Thank you very much, Mr. President. Support for the whole of Cyprus gives me the strength to move on. "

Recall that Pavlos Contidis - the only Cypriot, who became an Olympic medalist. In 2012, he won silver at the Summer Games in London.

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