Today: October 19 2018
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Cyprus yachtsman Pavlos Contidis topped the world rating

Cyprus yachtsman Pavlos Contidis topped the world rating

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27-year-old Cypriot sailor Pavlos won a silver medal at the first stage of the World Cup in the Japanese city of Gamagori. This means that on Monday, October 23, a graduate of the Limassol naval club will be the first in the world rating in the Laser class.

"I'm happy, because I successfully completed another fight," - said the silver medalist of the 2012 Olympics in London. - "On Monday, the world rating will be updated, in which I will be on the first line. The dream has become a reality! "

In late October, Contidis will fly to Cyprus to rest a few days before the start in November. Recall that this year Pavlos won gold at the World Championships in Split and bronze at the European Championships in Barcelona.

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