Today: December 11 2018
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Cyprus Casino has got a website

Cyprus Casino has got a website

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Yesterday the official Web site ( casino-resort City of Dreams Mediterranean, which in 2021 year will grow in the West of Limassol.

As we reported earlier, City of Dreams Mediterranean is expected to attract to Cyprus more than 300 thousand new tourists per year, and will also provide 4 thousand jobs.

On the new site of City of Dreams Mediterranean there is a heading "Career", but so far there are no job advertisements. Perhaps they will appear when the first "temporary" casino in Zakaki is launched (and it was promised to be opened in the first half of 2018).

About where exactly the largest casino in Europe will be built, has not yet been announced. However, on the site, in addition to beautiful photos, there is another, more useful information, namely, that City of Dreams Mediterranean will be built in the Zakaki district, and it will be connected with a four-lane highway. In November 2017, we wrote about the fact that Vertical Road in Limassol will expand and will be extended to the highway. Probably, City of Dreams Mediterranean will rise at the end of this road - between My Mall and Ladies Mile.

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