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The "Cypriot" tiger was exiled to Siberia

The Paphos Zoo proudly reported that one of the Siberian tigers born in captivity will be released into a protected forest in Russia in order to increase the population of these endangered animals in the wild.

Iolios Christophorou, in an interview with Cyprus Mail, said that he was delighted to hear this news, as he practically nurtured a female named Aphrodite. Tiger was born from a pair of Siberian tigers Bonnie and Clyde in April 2015 year at the Paphos Zoo, but his mother did not have milk, so Christopher had to intervene and save a small life.

"This is a source of pride for all employees of the zoo and me personally. I have a special relationship with Aphrodite and it will be hard for me to say goodbye to her at the airport, but I know that she can make an excellent contribution to the development of the population. "

Aphrodite was transferred to the Lion Foundation in Holland, which cooperates with the Severstov Institute in Russia. The Lion Foundation is a non-profit organization that in 2012 took protection of large cats to prepare them for living in the wild.

Siberian tiger, also called Amur, is a protected species. They weigh over 300 kg and, mainly, live in mountain regions in Russia. Poaching and habitat destruction have led to a serious threat to the survival of Siberian tigers in the wild.

Aphrodite made a DNA test, which established that it is an 100% Siberian tiger with good health, character and ideal for the program characteristics.

Now Aphrodite and her "couple" will be transported to Russia, where they will be placed in a protected forest. Any offspring that they produce will be left in the wild to help preserve the Siberian tiger population.

A source: Cyprus Kaleidoscope

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